Scarabaeus - Visual Impressions

Small Video Production

A well produced video can add that little bit of sophistication to your business as well as to your personal special occasion that sets you apart.

To make it work, you need more than a good cameraman. You need people who love to look at your individual subject from the outside: what is special what you yourself may not be aware of and is important to be displayed on video?
This is my approach right from the start.

It does not end here. After the actual shooting the scenes are not merely edited but crafted with the message in mind. This needs the dedication of the editor to achieve a most attractive product.

I produce a video for you that

  • displays your individual business advantages to potential customers
  • reflects your unique style and your quality to people interested in your services
  • documents a business procedure serving as a means of training which is enhanced due to the didactic way it is edited
  • documents a special event in your life in a particular way that reflects the atmosphere: your wedding, your anniversary, special occasions in general
  • is incorporated in your website and can be downloaded from the internet
  • or is different from those purposes above -- ask me for a solution

The possibilities are limitless!

Good reasons for you to choose Scarabaeus

  • I offer a wide range of services that binds your efforts in marketing together: websites, videos, PhotoArt for posters and postcards and other material. You can have them all or just one of these
  • I have a unique expertise in the combination of the visual arts and technical knowledge
  • my shooting is non-obtrusive and I am aware that this is a people related action
  • precision, punctuality and awareness of quality are ingrained in my personality as I lived and worked in Germany for many years before I came to New Zealand
  • I have a personal interest to deliver the best to you as I expect the same from my suppliers
  • the scarabaeus stands for harmony from sunrise to sunset, the symbol I have chosen because this is exactly what I want to deliver to you


  • the price for a video production depends on the complexity of the project
  • for a simple production I calculate $500 plus $50/hour

Technical Data

  • my video production is totally digital
  • I use compact digital video cameras from Sony
  • I edit with Adobe Software
  • the end-product is encoded in full HD

Please read the Terms & Conditions.

Sample Videos

Jo Tricker, Artist - Designer - Glassmaker

Glass Art Studio in Tauranga

Duration   00:02:57

Fred Farewell - Steffi's Husband

Short Version

Duration   00:17:43

Time to Talk - Shorts

Excerpts from a Steffi August Seminar

Duration   00:11:13

Shrinking Papamoa Sector

GyroCopter AutoGyro Cavalon, Tauranga airspace, bad weather closing in

Duration   00:09:33

Special Occasion

Promotional Video
Oldie from 2007

Duration   00:08:31

Travel Rest

Promotional Video
Oldie from 2002

Duration   00:06:10