Scarabaeus - Visual Impressions

About Us

The Scarabaeus

We chose the scarabaeus, the ancient Egyptian beetle, as a name and symbol as it means harmony from sunrise to sunset, and to the Egyptians it seemed like a miracle that from ordinary dung balls the beetle's offspring appeared. To create something seemingly miraculous out of nothing has been the life-long challenge under changing conditions.

We work in the field of visual impressions using modern digital technology and knowledge.

These visual impressions comprise Photo Work, Graphic Designs, Websites and Videos, as well as the supporting tailor-made software.

The customer's individual requirements are of paramount importance to us.

Another important aspect of our work is quality, reliability, honesty and punctuality. we have our customers' aim at heart that the product works well for the customer which also means that it is fair and realistic to the target group.

Heinz Kitzhoefer (Director)

I have been working in the computer software field since the early 70s and combine unique talents and experiences: the technical and the artistic which reflect the holistic reality of life.

I have worked all my working life as a software developer with different components: writing the first operating systems and network technology in the infancy of computer science, applications for the food industry to control automatic weighing and packaging, technical applications for software developers in the pre-Microsoft-age, supporting software for scientists and engineers for a river maintenance project in Germany.

In 2002 I decided to change my direction slightly by using the computer as a user instead of as a developer. I combined my passion for filming and for computer work and started to produce promotional videos which in turn led me due to customers' demand gently back to the technical side of the development of websites where I can combine all my skills and passion for computers and moving pictures.

One of my passions is supporting small and emerging businesses on their way to success.

I have always loved what I do and my attitude could be expressed by a quote of Franklin Roosevelt:
"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."